What is refractive surgery?

It is the branch of ophthalmology that is dedicated to the surgical treatment of refractive defects. Using different techniques, it is possible to reduce or eliminate the diopters of the patient and get them to stop using glasses or reduce their dependence on them.

What defects can be treated with refractive surgery?

Refractive surgery can treat all refractive defects to a different extent:

  • Myopia
  • Hyperopia
  • Astigmatism
  • Presbyopia

Depending on the refractive defect, its magnitude, the characteristics of the eye and the age of the patient, the type of treatment changes, so the previous examination is of crucial importance to achieve a good result in this surgery.

Are all techniques to treat myopia or astigmatism the same?

They are not equal, and in addition each of them has its indication according to the case. The laser can be used for myopia or astigmatisms not very high, and depending on the characteristics of the eye, the procedure chosen may be LASIK (standard technique, faster recovery) or PRK (slower surface recovery technique).

Intraocular lenses are used in cases of myopia, astigmatism or higher farsightedness, and also require a thorough study of the eye to know if they are suitable for each patient.

For the treatment of presbyopia or eyestrain we use the latest generation of trifocal lenses to achieve the best visual result at various distances and thus reduce the need for glasses in the future.

In VISIONKER we will indicate if the intervention is possible and the most recommended procedure.

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